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Welcome! Let TheUrnStore open your heart to a meaningful memorial for your loved one. Allow the healing process to begin by choosing the perfect cremation urn, cremation pendant, bracelet, memorial stone or memorial gift. You will be happy with the beautiful tribute you select and satisfied you made the right decision. Choose a remembrance piece for someone who has touched your heart and made a difference in your life. The perfect memorial you choose can provide peace and comfort for a lifetime.

Acclaim Burial Urn Vault
Acclaim Burial Urn Vault

Regular Price: $189.95
Sale Price: $90.00

Presidential Dark Wood <BR>Cremation Urn
Presidential Dark Wood
Cremation Urn

Regular Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $225.00

Tall Scatter <BR>& Display Cremation Urn
Tall Scatter
& Display Cremation Urn

Regular Price: $139.95
Sale Price: $95.00