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Grief Support

An Important Part of Healing
It is important for families making plans for a cremation to include a meaningful time of remembrance for their loved one. There are many product and service options to help families recognize and memorialize a life lived. Families must choose the type of gathering, be it public or private. They must choose what kind of permanent memorial is desired, and what products best meet that need.

Gatherings and Services
The benefits of a gathering or ceremony has been cited by grief counselors as an important part of overcoming grief. The gathering allows both family and friends an opportunity to honor a loved one.

Most families desire some form of permanent memorial to the deceased. Memorialization can take many forms: a decorative urn, keepsake items, a memorabilia chest, or even the planting of a tree. Memorialization provides the important emotional value and focal point for loved ones and future generations to remember the deceased. The ways in which we say farewell at the time of death are changing, but the need to say farewell in a meaningful and thoughtful way is timeless.

It is important for families to understand that choosing cremation does not limit their options for products and sevices, nor does it limit their opportunity to create a meaningful remembrance. Your local funeral director is ready to assist families in making meaningful choices.

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Pet Loss Support

Visit www.petloss.com for grief support after the loss of pet.

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Grief Support