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The Eternal Reefs Story

The Eternal Reefs story began in the 1980's when a diverse group of college friends began scuba diving together. Over the years they became more and more concerned about the worsening condition of the natural reef formations and the environment. Led by the founder of the Reef Ball Development Group, the circle of friends decided to try to make a difference in the world's oceans. Mold systems were developed for the artificial reef modules which closely mimic natural formations with environmentally friendly concrete.

Authorized Reef Ball contractors produce these units for state agencies and many private organizations worldwide. By the end of 1998, RBDG had over 40,000 united in the water. RBDG's technology has become the world leader in scientifically designed artificial reefs.

Burial at sea is a tradition as old as mankind. The Eternal Reefs tradition began with a song. Carleton Glen Palmer, a concert pianest and musician, desired to have the rhythm of the sea around him for eternity. He asked his daughter and son-in-law, developers of artificial reefs, to have his cremated remains put in a reef. As Carleton put it, "I can think of nothing better than having all that action going on around me all the time after I am gone. Just make sure the location has lots of red snapper and grouper." Carleton also wanted an environmental legacy for his grandchildren. On June 1, 1998 a memorial reef was deployed and dedicated to Carleton Glen Palmer. Fish immediately began to inhabit the reef and natural marine life started to form.

Carleton Palmer's story spread to manypeople. The wonderful response lead the family of Carleton Palmer, founding members of Reef Ball Development Group, to create Eternal Reefs.

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