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Irises Cremation Urn

Irises Cremation Urn
Item #:530611
Regular Price:$369.95
Sale Price:$259.95
Percentage Saved:30%

Production cast ceramic with monochrome glass glazes and metalic, fired-in appliques. Bottom-opening stopper seals with adhesive (adhesive not included).

Available in Two Sizes: Individual/Adult and Keepsake Small/Infant

Four Colors: Burgundy (Top), Green (Middle), Ebony (Bottom) and Navy (Right)

Individual/Adult: 6 1/2" Dia. x 12 1/2" H; 233 cu.in.; 2 lbs; $259.95

Keepsake Small/Portion: 3 1/8" Dia. x 6 3/4" H; 23 cu.in.; 1 lbs; $119.95

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Irises Cremation Urn