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Scattering Cremation Urn

Scattering Cremation Urn

Unity<BR>Scattering Cremation Urn
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*Eco-friendly cremation urn
*Available in Two colors and Five sizes

Large - $139.95
Height- 5";Width- 8";Depth- 6.5";Cubic Inches- 220

Companion - $159.95
Height- 7";Width- 9";Depth- 7.5";Cubic Inches- 360

Medium - $119.95
Height- 3";Width- 6";Depth- 4.5";Cubic Inches- 70

Small - $89.95
Height- 3.25";Width- 4.5";Depth- 4.5";Cubic Inches- 54

Extra Small - $79.95
Height- 2.5";Width- 4.5";Depth- 3.25";Cubic Inches- 30

The simple presentation and floral texture of the Unity Scattering Cremation Urn allows for the contemplation and the quiet expression of a loved one's life.

The Unity Scattering Cremation Urn can be personalized by placing expressions or mementos inside the container. The top of this container is easily removed for scattering.

Cremated remains are contained in a biodegradable bag. The Unity Scattering Cremation Urn is an environmentally friendly, durable container made from a renewable resource using a centuries-old technique.

*This urn is intended for scattering or earth burial only. It is not water-soluble.

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Scattering Cremation Urn